THE WORLD’S FIRST ACTUAL ALL IN ONE BUSINESS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. SKYHOOK ERP HANDLES ALL MARKETING, ALL OPERATIONS, ALL ADMINISTRATIONS, & ALL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. Software for any industry backed by full stack enterprise consultants. We handle everything for you. Utilize Skyhook ERP to get rid of technical debt, boost productivity, structure your processes, and establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Experienced Since 2010

No matter what size your company is, we offer a variety of solutions for any industry. Our solutions cover marketing, custom operation’s software, KPI data science, & more! Our prices are based on your needs which are determined by company size, revenue, and architectural design.

We partner with your business and find solutions by digging deep into your business and finding problems involved in your marketing, current enterprise software, & KPI boards that need to be solved using Key Performance Indicators to create algorithms constructed by our data scientists. Then we start to digitize your entire company by designing the digital architecture (or blueprint) after meeting with your team leaders of each department.

We all know what a website is, however what most don’t know is the ins and outs of why it’s the little things that count. A website that’s built to perfection will have a perfect flow and easy navigation for the users to ensure a lower bounce back rate. When designing your websites or funnels, several things need to be kept in mind-


In other words, less is more and more is less. Whatever comes in must be able to get through as fast as possible for leads, orders, distributions, you name it, the list goes on.

When we bring a company to the digital world, we replace so many manual jobs by automating everything, that your time is almost completely freed up. We can manage marketing, web development, lead nurturing, communication bots, crm’s, inventory management, sales commissions, key performance indicators or financials, operations such as work orders, job quotes, invoicing, d2d sales, b2b sales, purchasing materials etc. With restaurants we can have all systems communicate and set up between chains and franchises so ordering pickup etc. is all under one roof. No matter what the business is we’ve got you covered since we can custom code anything vs going to a company that can only use the same tools that you can as the owner.


Key Performance Indicators are used to define basic algorithms and more complex algorithms, which we then apply to our clients and our businesses. Breaking down your business into four categories helps easily understand the process and structure. Inbound Traffic Source (ITS) is all lead traffic data on your business, Content Management System or (CMS) is everything related to web development and content that makes up your business. Business Operations Software, (BOS) makes up your entire operations’ system to run your business internally. Every customer has a designated path they walk down that has stops like a board game. Every stop has a number assigned to that person and stop, which should be stored in a Database or MySQL. Where the person stops on the path permanently will activate the set of numbers to create a set of key performance indicators or (KPIs). These KPIs will automatically create an algorithm that will determine a problem with any customers that did not properly walk the path in the time your business should have pushed them through. This data is then used to determine the problem, so we can then find a solution immediately to ensure full scalability.