Simple yet powerful Open Source HRMS Software

With the help of Skyhook ERP, you can easily manage hiring, attendance management, tracking of expenses and leaves, as well as onboarding, training, and assessments. It’s simplified human resource management.

Talent Acquisition

Intelligent talent acquisition and recruitment. Utilize a built-in recruitment tool to manage hiring. This tool allows you to plan your labor needs, post job vacancies on your website, review and email applicants, and save documents. We’ll make sure you don’t go over your HR budget by using linked data between staffing plans and job vacancies.

Employee Repository

Since it includes keeping track of external papers, managing employee information can be challenging and difficult. You may upload and distribute multimedia files with Skyhook ERP (such as images, videos, documents). You have the option of directly uploading the files or using a web link.

Cyber Security Consulting

Employee Training

With the help of our human resource training program module, continue to upskill your workforce. Set up training events for your staff members, which will be instantly linked to their calendars so that everyone can view the schedule and make to-do lists in accordance with the trainings.

Customize your recruitment process

Utilize the kanban view to personalize the pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc. steps in your hiring process. Obtain precise data regarding your hiring pipeline.

Use reports to compare the effectiveness of job advertisements you have placed on other outside job sites, and easily alter your strategy and hiring plan in light of the findings.

Automatic Attendance

Payroll and leave administration are seamlessly integrated with attendance monitoring in our open source HRMS tool. Skyhook ERP offers a variety of alternatives for recording real-time attendance, including the incorporation of biometric technology.

Employee Leave Management

For each department or business unit, configure the leave management options. The leave calendar and centralized leave summary ledgers, which provide a transparent picture of all employee leave data, will reflect everything.