Successfully manage your employees

At a glance, view all relevant information for each department. Just HR managers should have access to sensitive information; otherwise, make other information, like a personnel directory, available to all employees. Get notifications for any fresh leave requests, requests for job assignments, applications, evaluations, and more.

Streamlined expense management

Employees can submit and defend costs with ease. Managers can examine all expenses and, as necessary, accept or reject specific requests. Expenses are immediately updated in Skyhook Accounting after approval.

Organize your vacancies and job applications

Create a job board, advertise your job openings, and keep track of applications received conveniently. Develop a database of talents and profiles with indexed documents by following each application.
There is no need to outsource your recruitment; simply and professionally manage everything within.

Cyber Security Consulting

Key Performance Indicators

Utilize our Energy Points system to track employee performance in an unconventional manner and redefine team excellence. You can monitor employees’ journeys and handle compensation increases and bonuses for top performance thanks to an integrated appraisal module and dashboard of crucial HR KPIs.

Automated Payroll

Embrace painless payroll processing and say goodbye to creating individual pay slips. Based on time sheets (with automatic validation), salary components, and salary structures, Skyhook ERP automatically generates payslips.