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Key Performance Indicators are used to define basic algorithms and more complex algorithms, which we then apply to our clients and our businesses. Breaking down your business into four categories helps easily understand the process and structure. Inbound Traffic Source (ITS) is all lead traffic data on your business, Content Management System or (CMS) is everything related to web development and content that makes up your business. Business Operations Software, (BOS) makes up your entire operations’ system to run your business internally. Every customer has a designated path they walk down that has stops like a board game. Every stop has a number assigned to that person and stop, which should be stored in a Database or MySQL. Where the person stops on the path permanently will activate the set of numbers to create a set of key performance indicators or (KPIs). These KPIs will automatically create an algorithm that will determine a problem with any customers that did not properly walk the path in the time your business should have pushed them through. This data is then used to determine the problem, so we can then find a solution immediately to ensure full scalability.


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Inbound Traffic Sources (ITS) is all lead data on your business which could come from door to doors sales, foot traffic in your stores, paid ads, organic digital traffic, phone calls, repeat business, customer referrals online orders, etc. by tracking all the sources at once we can determine what’s going to work for your business a lot faster and save more time and money. When switching to an experimental phase, we already know it’s going to waste money. This is 100% necessary to make sure we have everything that works and everything that doesn’t work based on location, age, demographics, interests etc. It’s not enough to simply assume we know because at the end of the day numbers are the only thing in the universe that can not lie or make guesses. Then once this has been established, we can use our algorithm to multiply our structure and income.

Why is it important?

Before recent years, businesses were limited to using basic CRMs, separate POS systems and card readers, paying payroll companies, and even using separate distributions software and sales software to maintain their business which started to become really complex. In today’s day and age, we are seeing almost every business and corporation transition to Business Operations Software (BOS) systems that will run everything in one system and database. This is the easiest time in history to start, run and maintain businesses. However, we noticed a major disconnect in this section which is knowing the numbers on schedule clients, sales, job or product management, and where exactly each customer’s numbers were prior to even entering the system. This causes so much confusion in businesses because without having this data we can’t say Jeff was a lead from Facebook on a conversion campaign that had questions in the CMS but found his way to becoming a conversion. But once in the system he didn’t pick up his phone 3 times because he was interested in our product or service but ultimately had doubts, and we noticed the same pattern with Rodney who happens to like puppies just like Jeff, at least from what we found in pixel data which shows puppy lovers may not be a good target but did Jeff buy the product? Yes! They both did however, Josh is our new sales guy, and he struggled with this customer Jeff, but our head sales guy Eric closed up the sale with Rodney and had no issues, so maybe he is a good customer target however we need to give Josh some extra training maybe first hand and digitally with our E-learning system which displays his progress, so we can track his movement. Now let’s dig into operations and distributions etc. Sorry if that got a bit confusing, but this is the KPI method in which our data scientists use to ensure all systems are functioning at full capacity.

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